Timaeus - 'After Dark' (Naked, Processed)

from by Timaeus



There was patch layering, and sidechaining for the kick. TLs-Pocket Limiter was used as a master limiter. These sounds were layered:
Snare (TR-909_SD, CR-78_SD, and Tonic_Cym)
Bass (Detuned FM Bass, Squelchy Analog Funk)

External processing with TesslaPro MKII, Density MKIII, FerricTDS, and ThrillseekerLA. All free plugins. This is for comparison so you see how well "processed" the raw, unprocessed version is compared to a true, processed, mastered version.





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I love composing music, practicing martial arts, playing piano, and working with web design, graphics design, and movie production. Rock on, musicians!

- Timaeus

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