Shipping and return policies for Timaeus Productions

Shipping Info
The "shipping" is managed likely by Google Wallet. I'll probably have a download page somewhere, like , and a Buy Now button there. It'll be pretty straightforward how to go about it.
Return Policy
If you have lost your purchased files/songs and you have valid proof that you paid for the product (i.e. you are not lying; real, non-synthesized screenshots would be nice. If you are pro at graphics design, please don't be dishonest or take advantage of those skills), then please notify me and I will give you a download link. Chances are, merch you get are virtual downloads, so of course it cannot actually BE returned. You can, however, get a full refund if you do not like the product (I will send you money by paypal or something). Just email me the exact price you paid at, should the automatic bot notification email get lost in my email archives.