Zelda's Requiem [Song of Storms Remix] (Free)

from by Timaeus

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This is one of my absolute favorites on this album! It's also one of the most complicated songs I've ever made!

It has Shreddage, 13 instances of Massive, and over 15 instances of Zebra! And of course the masses of drum samples used. :P

Some of the patches used for this song were presets from Massive and Zebra, but some are completely custom, such as the low square wave and the drop bass in the "super climax", and the low "talkpad" in the buildup right before that climax. ;)

This was influenced by zircon's "Ashes to Ashes" ocremix in terms of the structure. I've never seen such an awesome arrangement for a song. :D I hope you like this approach to honor such an amazing composer (and by composer I mean zircon)!

Source breakdown!

0:00.00 - 0:31.022 (Everything, basically. It was the arpeggio stuff in the beginning of the source)
0:31.022 - 1:01.982 (Main, most memorable part of the source)
1:01.982 - 1:32.955 (Completely custom)
1:32.955 - 1:48.451 (Main, most memorable part of the source, with some variations)
1:48.451 - 2:19.413 (The arpeggio stuff in the beginning of the source combined with progressive wobbles)
2:19.413 - 2:27.143 (Completely custom)
2:27.143 - 2:50.382 (Main, most memorable part of the source, with some extreme variations to fit the atmosphere)
2:50.382 - 3:21.336 (Completely custom)
3:21.336 - 3:44.156 (Main, most memorable part of the source, with some variations to make an ending)

Total source usage:
31.022+30.962+15.496+30.962+23.239+22.82 = 2:34.501 = 154.501 seconds
154.501/224.156 = 68.925% source usage. Sweet!

- Timaeus

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Song of Storms


from Thermophilus, released January 3, 2013




Timaeus Productions

I love composing music, practicing martial arts, playing piano, and working with web design, graphics design, and movie production. Rock on, musicians!

- Timaeus

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