Whipping up a Tornado! [Thunder Tornado Remix] (Free)

from by Timaeus

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There were some strangely related influences for this song. Quick list:
- zircon's "Severe Reaction" (Impulse Prime)
- One of zircon's unfinished, scrapped WIPs
- Pitfall: Mayan Adventure's Title Theme
- DBZ Main Theme (Bruce Faulconer)

Pitfall? DBZ? Wat? Well, the intro's drums are kind of like Pitfall's title theme. :P Severe Reaction influenced the part at 0:26. The DBZ theme gave me that idea at 3:01. xD

What makes me really proud of this mix is how I just took my time on it until the right ideas came to mind and the right samples were chosen. Something also to note: I made all the synth leads (entire song) and intro non-percussive sounds (song reference point is 0:00 - 0:48), aside from the 3o3, guitar (obviously), and the fretless bass. :D

Hope you dig this mix!

- Timaeus


from Thermophilus, released January 3, 2013




Timaeus Productions

I love composing music, practicing martial arts, playing piano, and working with web design, graphics design, and movie production. Rock on, musicians!

- Timaeus

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