I'll Come Back [Faraway Promise Remix] (Free)

from by Timaeus

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This was heavily inspired by the ocremix "You and I" by Dale North. That was actually a really cool arrangement of "Small Two of Pieces ~ Broken Shards". I think my favorite part in that mix was the bass run at 1:51. Alright, anyways, enough about someone else's remix. Let's talk about mine. xD

The intro was actually 134 BPM, but I managed to make a transition that allowed me to drop the BPM to 124 pretty smoothly.

Now, what did I use? Well:
Bells - FM8
Saw Lead - Zebra (100% custom patch)
Pads - Massive, Embertone Intimate Strings
Bass - Trilogy Bass w/ custom Guitar Rig patch based off of 'Deep Dub Bass'
Piano - TruePianos
EP - Neo-Soul Keys
Drums - Goldbaby MPC60 Vol 3
Reverb - ArtsAcoustic Reverb, Uhbik-A
Compressor - endorphin, Density MKIII

I'm quite a RAM-conservative person, but I still manage to find some really cool stuff to use. :D

You know what's cool, though? This mix sounds even more awesome at 3x volume, no joke. The bass is sick. :3

- Timaeus

Xenogears - Faraway Promise


from Thermophilus, released January 3, 2013




Timaeus Productions

I love composing music, practicing martial arts, playing piano, and working with web design, graphics design, and movie production. Rock on, musicians!

- Timaeus

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