Expansive Networking [Network is Spreading Remix] (Free)

from by Timaeus

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I don't even know how I thought of this arrangement. I just started with the thought of an ambient remix of 'Network is Spreading', but I went on a tangent and did some Jazz Fusion instead. xD

This was well-inspired by zircon's 'Ragol Weather' track, as well as Rukunetsu's WIP track, 'Network is Searching' (MMBN3 and MM8).

There is some really interesting instrumentation in here. Stuff of note:
- I just started working with a new tool I got called iZotope Stutter Edit. :D
- There is a breakdown section where, dun dun dunnn... the bass acts as a lead! Mind = blown.
- The drums were Groove Bias Drums' demo pack with some stuff from Platinum Percussion. It was all sequenced. :3
- All but one of the instruments that weren't the bass, piano, or drums were my custom Zebra patches. :D
- Oh yeah, and I wrote this in 9 hours.

Hope you enjoyed! Cheers to a wonderful 2013!

- Timaeus

MegaMan Battle Network 3 - Network is Spreading


from Thermophilus, released January 3, 2013




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I love composing music, practicing martial arts, playing piano, and working with web design, graphics design, and movie production. Rock on, musicians!

- Timaeus

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